Terms of Service

This Terms of Service was written by Kizzy Fox in November 2018. These terms only apply to commissions taken after this.

Important: I don’t currently draw females. Also, please never lie about your age. 18+ only or parental approval.


What Will You Draw?

I generally like to keep to what I am comfortable with to ensure the result is a good one! However, I will draw practically any species you can throw at me. Even if it is my first time drawing said species, my clients have been happy with the result!

I will definitely add here if there is anything I do not particularly enjoy drawing, but for now, anything as well as NSFW & SFW. I will draw any vanilla NSFW. Please inquire if you have any questions.

What Won’t You Draw?

  • At this time, females! I lack experience and a portfolio of female characters.. so sorry!
  • Anything underage and engaging in adult themes simultaneously
  • Homophobic, transphobic, racist or hating art of any kind
  • Anything political related I stay clear of
  • Scat, watersports
  • Gore, extreme pain (blood is OK, generic funny nosebleed..



Deadlines are subject to change. If a difficult circumstance arises that cannot be helped, I may need to put your sketch, lineart or colouring on hold for a day or 2. I will always be in touch to advise if this is the case!

Character Reference Images

Please have character reference images prepared if possible.

I don’t always have time to work with a written description, but it isย possible if I can find the time. From my experience, this leads to time wasting and communication problems. If I am your first Artist experience, and you have no art, I will do my very best as I do understand, but not always a possibility if my schedule is extremely busy.

Posting Online

I may post your work online. Please let me know if you specifically need this not to be posted online. I will require a valid reason as art is my full time commitment, getting my best work out there is a big deal to me!

When it comes to you posting my work online, please credit me wherever it is posted. Also, if you are creating the sticker pack yourself with the PNG files I have sent over, please use my disclaimer image in the same pack. Thank you very much!


You Must Be 18+

As I only accept PayPal payments at this time and you must be 18+ to use PayPal, I can only work with those who are 18 years of age or over.

However, if you have a parent or guardian willing to pay this for you, that too is also just fine provided the art ordered is SFW!

Furthermore, you must be 18+ to order any NSFW art from myself.

No Harassment

I try and keep things very friendly. Let’s be reasonable and not raise voices! I will not accept any form of online stalking, harassment or pushing. Thanks in advance folks, mutual respect is perfect here.

My Copyright

I retain copyright of all art I have created. Therefore, I may make things such as stickers and badges for merchandising at conventions. I will always inform you of when I am going to do this if I use art I have created for you.

Drawing Copyrighted Characters

I may or may not always do this, as it is a sensitive topic. Either way, I have the right to turn down a commission if it involves a copyrighted character such as Pokemon, Starfox characters.. etc.

Payments & Refunds


  • All invoices I create are sent via PayPal, so please have a method of paying this available. You agree to being 18 years of age or over to do so.
  • Payment is to be made up front, or in payment plans if agreed.
  • 50% payment plans are available for orders over 120โ‚ฌ
  • Failure to pay for the commission will result in termination of our agreement and you will lose your commission slot.

Refund Stages

  1. If the commission has not yet been started, you are able to get a full refund upon request
  2. If the commission has been started, and at sketch phase, you are able to receive a 50% refund.
  3. Refunds are negotiable after the lineart and colouring stage, but will be less.
  4. Refunds are non-negotiable after this stage.


3 Edits

All clients are entitled to 3 edits during the commission process. If I have sent a sheet of 5 sticker sketches, this means you can request me to edit the entire sheet up to 3 times going back and forth. After this, extra fees will incur. Once I have begun the colouring and lining stage, edits are less likely to be accepted as they should have been requested at sketch phase. If the edit request is colour choice, I will generally honour your request.

You Are Commissioning My Style

I will refuse to draw in someone else’s art style! If I feel you are requesting me to edit in a way that is going against my style rather than the result, I may refuse this.

However, drawing in the style of memes is something I don’t mind and will do.

Do Not Edit My Work

If you need art editing, or changing, you can only do this through myself.

You may not edit my work or request an Artist edit something.

If I have sent a sketch, or lineart, and you need this finishing, you cannot have someone else do this other than myself.

These terms are subject to change.